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 Hi, I'm Hillary...

I'm a mountain girl turned mermaid--

A lover of life, music, travel, the sea and all things creative.  I have been writing and designing for most of my life and I love helping my clients turn their dreams into a visual reality.

I started Restless Spirit Creative in the Spring of 2019 after years of bar tending, hosting events and a short stint in recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma's impact on the Virgin Islands.  I did this with the intent of helping other small business owners turn their aspirations into a visual reality.  I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Graphic Design and Marketing.  That, paired with years of creative experience means that I can help you create, describe or sell whatever you are conceptualizing.  I love working side by side with small businesses while we foster our dreams together!


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Restless Spirit Creative

Hillary Bonner

PO Box 37

St. John, VI 00831

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