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Work Experience & Links

Social Media

Maho Crossroads   |   Instagram/Facebook   |  

April 2019-March 2020  |   Design, Photography, Live Stream, Content Development

St. John Cancer Fund    |   Instagram/Facebook  |  

October 2019-May 2020   |  Content Development, Design

New Moon USVI   |   Instagram/Facebook   |  

March 2020-July 2020  |  Design, Content Development, Account Creation

American Paradise Real Estate   |   Instagram/Facebook   |  

May 2021-Present  |  Design, Content Development, Account Creation

Lovango Rum Bar & Distillery   |   Instagram/Facebook/Artist Management   |  

December 2020-February 2022  |  Design, Photography, Content Development, Account Creation

Columbo's Smoothie Stand   |   Instagram/Facebook   |  

February 2021-February 2022 |  Design, Photography, Content Development, Account Creation

Web Design

Content Writing

Writing for all above social media accounts and websites original with client revisions

News of St. John - Destination Blog - Operator and Sole Contributor -  May 2020-February 2023

Shisler's Cheese House -Blogger - Social Media - Email Campaigns - September 2020-January 2021

Events & Fundraisers

North Shore Deli/Mongoose Junction - St. John - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Annual Mardi Gras Parties - Still Standing Benefit for Love City Community Network

Maho Crossroads - Keller Williams, Day of Gratitude, VI Jamfest Sunshine Stage, VI Music Prize, Full Moon Concert Series, Mermaid Mondays, Sunday Fundays


St. John Cancer Fund - 2020 Light up the Night, 2020 8 Tuff Miles Recovery Party

Dr!nk St. John - Christmas in July, Iron Bartender, Drink the Bar Dry, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, New Years Eve, Weddings and Private Events

The Bowery - Harry Potter Halloweekend

Countless satellite bars, private events, weddings and in villa event services.

Special Skills

Graphic Design - Logos, merchandise, print materials, social media posts and banners,

Content Writing - Degree in Journalism with a marketing and sales background and 15 plus years of writing experience.

Event Marketing - Coordination, Promotion and Execution of all types of events...private and public.  From coordinating your staff to getting people in the door. - I'll handle everything or just as much as you need!

Brand Development - If you have an idea in your head, I can help turn it into a marketable business!  Brand launching from logo creation and design to content development to web design and business plans....I can help your ideas take flight!

More questions?  Just ask!

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